Wednesday, 8 June 2016

On Being Productive

One of the things that make me very happy is being productive. Reviewing a day I just went through and giving ticks on my to do list or realizing I finished some unplanned tasks that day feels very satisfying.

And today is one of those days :D

Today the satisfaction and happiness came from "working". I finished an urgent task for SabangMerauke and went to an exciting and productive meeting with Youthmanual team. And extra happiness came from finishing the aforementioned urgent task by working with my laptop in the car on the way to the meeting (it wasn't me who drove the car, of course) aaaaand meeting new person who is smart, resourceful, and give a lot of new insights. Her presence in the team ignited me again :)

Some other days, the satisfaction comes from doing house chores. Washing clothes and saving them from sudden rain (my mood often depends on this hahaha), washing dishes, cooking meals my son like, grocery shopping, changing bed sheets etc. There are (many) days when I'm just lazying around, so doing those chores counts as productivity for me heheh..

And yet some other days, the satisfaction comes from the best of both world :)


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