Friday, 19 August 2016

Embracing Changes

I think I've been in constant disequilibrium since 2013. I used to be so sure of what I want, but now I'm not. This state of not knowing what I want and not having plan(s) should be very uncomfortable for me. But in fact it's not.

Things happened in 2013 and shook my whole being. In Alagaƫsia it would be called a change of true name.

But I recovered :)
And I found some sort of stability in early 2014.

But on the last Sunday of 2014 I got married.
And became pregnant.
And officially became a mother 9 months later.

Whoa. Me and my 200 bpm lyfe.

Things keep changing around me. And now I realized that I'm changing too. Not in the way it happened in 2013, fortunately, but still I feel that this is a big change. Me, still feeling content while not knowing exactly what I want and not having clear plan (and several back up plans) about my future > that's a HUGE change.

Well, some other things are still here and not changing at all. So it is interesting for me to reflect and observe myself right now haha..

And I hope this is me evolving to become a better moslem and human :)


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