Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Leap

Back then as a fresh grad, I worked for money. I worked for money so I could sustain my life in Depok and play in the marching band.
But after that one year, I don't work for money anymore.

I work because I love what I do.
I even think that maybe someday if his teacher ask him what his mother's hobby is, he will answer "working".

If so, why would I stay in a job that makes me want to prolong the weekends and become one of the people who's not enthusiast about Mondays?
And why would I trade my presence for my family with a job that is not in line with my passion and dreams to make bigger impact?

So I resigned.

I jumped out of my box and restart my "career". I re-explored my interests and am venturing to new things I can do in those fields. I'm doing small steps, making opportunities for myself and starting some projects.
I'm excited and exhilarated.
I feel alive! :D

I don't know what future brings.
I don't know which path will work and which one won't, or when.
I just commit to do my best and let Allah do the rest. I just found out that this mindset makes life feels so much easier and less dramatic or galau-inducing :)


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