Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dreamt A Little Dream

I dreamt about having a house-slash-home.
Where the door stays locked when I don't want to meet people.
Where my husband and I choose the furniture, appliances, and their layout.
Where I make weekly menu, shop accordingly, and cook the meals.
Where I run the household and know exactly what we have and where to find them in the house.
Where I set the rules, schedule, and habits.
A place I can claim (to borrow Smita's word) mini-but-mine.

Me and my ego.

But it is my dream no more.
I can't be and it shouldn't be.

Now my dream is a house full of love from Allah.
Where my husband and son are happy. Where I build peace within my heart.

So let's just get back to reality and make that one comes true :)


besinikel said...

kenapa, sih, bahasa inggrisnya bagus T_T

Shanti said...

wihiw dikomenin sama seleblogs :D

@ mbak feni: mungkin karena nebeng lahir hoahahaha
@ mas dani: halo.. salam kenal juga :)

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